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We know that our world looks a little different right now, but we are going to try and provide some sparkle for those little people who have proved to be so resilient!

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Please be advised, we are currently unable to offer GTA event/sleepover services due to our move and search for a new staff member 🙂

We ask that you please keep guests to your immediate bubble. We will be following new protocol and cleaning procedures, as well as staying abreast of covid-19 numbers and updates. All of our information and updated Rental Policy can be found under Covid-19 Response in the menu.

ABC2Creations is still alive and well, but will evolve as a lifestyle and creative space. Follow at:


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Sweet Dreams!

Alissa Bartlett

Behind the Tents…

I am a mom, wife, educator turned entrepreneur! This little business is a labour of love, started when planning my eldest daughter’s first sleepover…and the rest is history! We loved providing our ABC2 Creations slumber parties to our fantastic Slumber Star clients so much that we are streamlining our services to make your experience even better!

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